A lime-green Nissan GTR in China

Published on January 10, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

lime-green Nissan GTR

Here we have a very pretty Nissan GTR in a lime-green wrap. Its original color was white and that indeed is a bit boring. The Nissan GTR doesn’t sell very well in China. It is too cheap for the rich and too expensive for the rest of the population. Nissan better double its price…

lime-green Nissan GTR

The rich buy Lamborghini or Ferrari, the population buys Volkswagens or Geely’s. The same rich-thing goes for Porsche. There is almost no Cayman around, too cheap, but loads of 911’s. Same again for Audi, R8 yes please, TT no thank you (here is one!).

lime-green Nissan GTR

This lime-green Nissan GTR so, is a rare beast indeed.

lime-green Nissan GTR

Via: Sina.com.

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  1. john Winnett- February 2, 2012 Reply

    I am trying to find out the price of a new Nissan GTR
    (L.H.D.)in China or Japan which I will visit shortly.
    I may bring one back . Can you help ? I only speak english. [email protected]

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