Transformers: Hasbro makes special ‘Dragon Edition’ Optimus Prime for China

Published on January 29, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Hasbro Optimus Prime for China

‘Transformers’ are extremely popular in China, billions have seen the movie and fans buy loads of toys and other merchandise. Hasbro therefore decided to thank its Chinese customers with this China-only ‘Dragon Edition’ Optimus Prime. The Chinese Year of the Dragon started last week on January 23th and the whole of China starts a massive buying spree in the week-long holiday that follows. Hasbro, waned to be a part of that.

Hasbro Optimus Prime for China

The special edition is based on the standard ‘Ultimate Optimus Prime’-transformer toy and has a golden dragon painted on both sides. That is as special as it gets. The Dragon Edition costs 999 yuan or 158 US dollar. The standard version costs 800 yuan, that is 199 yuan or 31 dollar for two dragons. A special edition indeed, good deal…

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