Seen the JAC 4R3 Ford F150 clone from China? Now, look where it’s based on…

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When I published the first story (new pics!) about the JAC 4R3 Ford F150 clone from China I knew such a big truck couldn’t suddenly come out of nowhere, so I did some searching around…

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According to Chinese sources the JAC 4R3 is based on an other existing JAC pickup truck, the JAC Ruiling. The Ruiling, meaning ‘Lucky Bell’, is a copy of the 2003 Chevrolet Silverado, with a Ford-style oval on the grille. Mixing Ford and Chevy, this JAC is sure a company to keep an eye on.

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Chevrolet Silverado

The front, grille and light clusters are all the same. The only big difference is that the Silverado is an extended cab pickup and the Ruiling a double cap.

JAC Chevrolet Silverado clone China

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The JAC Ruiling was listed in early 2009. Power comes from the same 2.8 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine that powers the upcoming JAC 4R3-F150. The 4R3 will slot above the Ruiling in JAC’s line-up, to be sold as a more luxurious variant of basically the same car. In China so you can choose: a cheap Chevy or an expensive Ford.

JAC Chevrolet Silverado clone China

How cheap is cheap? The Chevy can be yours for 64.800 yuan, or 10.300 USD.

To be continued…

Update: commenters here and on TTAC pointed out this Ruiling loox more like a Chevy Colorado. Thank you, we agree:

Via: China2Car, Pikache, QicheChina.

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  1. Hi Tycho,
    The Ruiling cab body design is different from the 4R3. Yes, as you say the nose is a Chevy lookalike, just as are the noses of the Shuguang Daichaishen and FAW pickups. We have been seeing those add-on noses fitted to a standard Isuzu-type body quite a bit over the years in China.
    But despite the nose of the 4R3 resembling the F150, the lines of the cab seem to be distinct. I would really like to see more photos of the side, particularly the A pillar area if you can show us.
    Frankly I have never seen this body with its unique horizontal ridgeline before.

  2. Have you seen the new Toyota Tundra? Complete knock off of the Dodge Ram. And we continue to buy this crap and sending our money over there.

  3. Just a comment for “Jax Cell”…I own a Toyota that has 260,000 miles on it, continues to run strong, and was made in an American factory by American workers. I’ll put my “crap” up against whatever crap you’re driving Jax Ass…er Jax Cell. Wait, I had it right the first time. Try educating yourself on how many of the “American” car company vehicles are actually made in this country, using American parts. You may want to keep the suicide hotline number handy…cuz you ain’t gonna like what you find!

  4. The company is obviously stealing American designs and passing them off as their own. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from lawyers for both Ford and Chevrolet soon. Is China bereft of any and all designers and talented engineers? Why can’t you come up with products of your own design. It seems the only thing your country is capable of is copying (often poorly) the rest of the world – especially American knockoffs.

  5. Shades of Japan prior and throughout WWII. My dad was in the Guadalcanal Campaign and said that the trucks were knockoffs of Chevy and GMC trucks, down to the floor mats!

  6. I read in another article that some of the front end parts on the ‘wanna be’ Chevy Colorado are interchangeable with Chevy and Ford products. If this can be proven, then Ford or Chevy lawyers can suit and win. Maybe the lawsuit is big enough and we get to keep the JAC company and sell the trucks back to the Chinese. Hence, we do not currently have an open or sustainable market to sell our own big expensive trucks.

  7. We get so dramatic, ut when we cannot afford to drive things that are made in the good ole ” overpriced, quality compromised, union worker, by those, leaders, that try and keep trying to get so much money the person that can NO longer afford vehicles made here any longer, then they lay off folks because of this same reason, we can’t pay these prices anymore, so STOP, and tell congress to lay themselves also” then and only then maybe after a 10 years of falling prices, back to the early 60’s prices, then we can feel better but only a maybe, but getting back to those body designs, that have gone away, so why can’t someone else bring back what worked, and sell the cars-trucks, for 5-8k less so we might afford to purchase them at a much better price range, and not be out done by a money hungry dealership, that feels they control who pays what days are gone, and I am happy, who had the idea to charge so much, that most could no longer afford!!! THINK, LISTEN, RETHINK, REPRICE, THEN BE COMPETITIVE ONCE AGAIN!!!

  8. There is nothing US can do to China. China does what they want and US lawyers are powerless in this case. China will continue to cope Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan and others as much as they want to. And probably in 5 years or so they will sell this garbage to US consumer for less then you think. China is powerful and not a law biding country. Good luck lawyers….lol

  9. Of course its an oil puddle, they copied a Chevy. So its a double curse. LOL. NEWSDOG…you are correct. Its sad. The only car that my family owns that I’m sure was built in the us was our 66 mustang. And my eclipse was built in the us but I sold it. That leaves my stealth which is Dodge and has a Mitsubishi engine, my moms Honda oddesey, and my dads silverado which was built partially in Canada or Mexico. My 08 avenger was built God knows where after the Chrysler bailout, and half the fords are built in Canada with metric parts. The worst bit of news is the 6 speed in the 2010-2011 mustangs are from China. Wtf

  10. If u want an honest to God American car you gotta do research on individual models. For example… Nissan leaf is TN, Frontier is MS right here, and 370z probably japan

  11. Sirs,
    Attentive students of automotive design like your good selves should cringe at this stuff. Of course, the oil was there to Show that it was a Chevy clone!
    Let me tell you a little bit about the longer history of design. Things that are banged together, amalgamated, like the double front end, are similar to imaginary monsters called adynaton. Multiplied appendages, repetition, concatenation, is a sign that we are at the limits of sense. First, make it bigger and then, do it again, and again.
    Christ. 6000 years of culture and thats the best we can do?
    Time to go back to basics and start talking to the cockroaches. An earwig is able to unfold 500 creases in its wings and fly. A contemporary folding bicycle is probably the most impressively efficient multi-purpose vehicle ever invented. When the wogs make a pick-up that will fold down into its own boot, and tag-along, I’ll be impressed.


  12. @91stealth -it’s U.S. as in United States – not “us” Moron. I see your cap key works on other names, so the lower case “us” is no doubt an intentional snub against our country. Well fu, fu , fu. Get it ?

  13. As far as I know, this thing is actually licensed from Isuzu, who developed the Colorado Platform. I know Great Wall manufactures licensed versions of the Isuzu, it is likely this happened here as well. I know some of the cars GAC builds are used from old tooling (the SUV that looks like the Isuzu Axiom), and are licensed copies, especially the Toyotas and Isuzus…

  14. do some research here folks…the big 3 have a hand in pretty well every market…it VERY likely that these trucks are actually a partial venture with the big 3 as a way of makin some money without having to get into the markets…years ago dodge and Mitsubishi were together… chevy s10’s were also Hyundai I believe…Suzuki swifts and geo metros (GM) were a joint venture ford still is partnered with mazda to this day, etc etc etc…wouldn’t surprise me in the least


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