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Extreme Tuning from China: Mazda 3 with Lambo-doors

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Another very fine car from China. This is a slightly modified Chang’an-Mazda 3. It was sexed up with a full aerokit, more wings ‘n spoilers, a big wing at the back, 19 inch wheels, special alloys and mad Lambo-doors. Nut that ain’t all oh now, best thing is the Gran Turismo 5 theme , the owner must be a fanatic player. It has Gran Tourismo ‘badges’ all over, even on the bonnet.

Mazda 3 Tuning China

The owner, so we hear, spend over 100.000 yuan on his Mazda 3, that is almost 16.000 USD. A brand-new Chang’an-Mazda 3 costs only 112.800 yuan. 212.800 yuan is enough for a fine FAW-Mazda 6. But that’t won’t be cool and in today’s China one has to be very cool! We digg, cool people make cool cars, this Lambo-doored 3 is a very cool car.

Mazda 3 Tuning China

The doors can also open in the normal way, I haven’t seen a Lambo doing that. Note GT5 logo on the nose.

Mazda 3 Tuning China

Full iPad and iPod integration. Orange seats a nice touch.

Mazda 3 Tuning China

A good car, approved!, sadly it ain’t in GT5…

Via: 163.com.

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