Bling! Porsche Cayenne in Gold in China

Porsche Cayenne in Gold

Bling time! Here we have a very fine Porsche Cayenne, seen in the great city of Jinhua in Zhejiang Province. It is tastefully wrapped in gold and some matte-black, and a body kit was added to maximize visual impact. Job done…

Porsche Cayenne in Gold

The standard Porsche Cayenne is considered too boring. Chinese car buyers like it more special; in pink, or stretched, with dog-pee on it, or French.

Via: Weibo.

4 thoughts on “Bling! Porsche Cayenne in Gold in China”

  1. Because there’s just too many of them on the streets.
    It is quite boring when you see so many of them on a daily basis. Same as everyone else at the rest of the world who mod their VWs or Hondas, wanting more personality or trying to stand out from the crowd because there’s so many of them on the streets.

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