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Spy Shots: Hongqi H7, the return of the Golden Sunflower

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New spy shots from the upcoming Hongqi H7, formerly known as the C131, show that Hongqi (Red Flag) cares about its history. The Hongqi’s of old had a handmade artwork on the steering wheel depicting a golden sunflower surrounded by three red flags. The flower and flags are slightly modernized and make a comeback. But not only on the steering wheel, there are golden sunflowers on the wheel-hubs as well.

Hongqi H7, the return of the Golden Sunflower

The steering wheel of a mighty 1978 Hongqi CA770, more of this car in this earlier post. Around the golden sunflower three red flags, meaning: ‘Socialist Construction’, ‘Great Leap Forward’ and ‘People’s Commune’.

Hongqi H7, the return of the Golden Sunflower

The golden sunflower on one wheel-hub. The old ones didn’t have this, it is a first on the H7. It is not liked very much, Chinese ‘netizens’ complain that the hub will inevitably get dirty, thereby defacing the flags and ruining the golden sunflower. I agree, the wheel-hub ain’t no place for flags and flowers.

Hongqi H7, the return of the Golden Sunflower

On the wheel it is fine, a wooden rim would however have been better. Rest of the cabin loox like a fine place to be although not overly ‘Hongqi-special’.

Via: Autohome.

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  1. Hommage to its heritage is great, but little trim pieces will not detract from the fact that this is little more than a modified Toyota…. There is little to be proud of in offering this model in the HongQi line. I would be much more impressed if this was a truly domestically designed vehicle.

  2. @ Derek. I completely agree. It is a modified Crown which isn’t very modern by itself. FAW makes a big ape out of it but the Chinese car buyer will likely see through it and leave the H7 alone, just like they did with the unsuccessful HQ3.


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