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Spotted in China: Lada Samara sedan

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Here we have a fine Lada Samara sedan, seen by reader Kael in Beijing, thank you for the pictures! Production of the Samara started at 1984 and continues until today. This white car on pics is a Samara 21099 which was made from 1987 until 2004. Russia exported various Lada’s to China in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. When China’s economy started to boom nobody wanted the poor old fashioned Lada’s anymore, car on pic is therefore likely an early car.

Lada Samara sedan

The 2109 was available as 3-door hatchback (2108), 5-door hatchback (2109) or 4-d00r sedan (21099). The 5-door hatchback was exported to China as well, the 3-door was not. Lada used many different engines for the Samara, engines could differ per export market and per year. What exactly powers this white sedan can therefore not be 100% sure but the most common engine for export was a 1.5 four-cylinder with 71hp.

Lada Samara sedan

Great machine!, let’s hope she stays around for awhile.

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  1. one of my relatives got one in my country and i drove it several time for long distances ,we bought it from France and it’s called SAGONA and not samara but it’s exactly the same one ! the model was a GLX and i can tell you it’s a rocket ,really frank accelerations .I miss it indeed ,but unfortunately they just sold it and bought a Renault instead

  2. I live in Canada, and at one point these were sold here. Though I never owned one, I had plenty of opportunity to look at one at our annual autoshow. Crudely made, but very rugged. As these were still being sold in the early 1990s here, I found it to be surprisingly similar to the VW Fox from Brazil, which was at the time also available in the Canadian market.

    Odd novel feature of this model is that the vertical aim of the headlights can be adjusted from the dashboard! Intended for better lighting when traveling with a full load. I believe the last years available in Canada was about 1995, when it began to use a GM sourced fuel injection system. Sadly, Lada didn’t bother with upgrading it to make it compliant with the new emissions standards in Canada, which forced it out of the market.

  3. Lada with the help of the SOK Group did make an attempt to enter the Chinese market in the early 2000s. They were also seen at the big shows like Shanghai and Beijing. Does anyone know more about their recent presence, or demise, in China?


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