Chinese trucks are indestructible

Published on July 27, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Chinese trucks are indestructible

Some say Chinese products are crap and break down after a week. Well, many are, but not this monster of a Dongfeng truck seen near Shenzhen in Guangdong Province! Clearly crashed quite hard, whole cabin is gone, but the drive train still works, and two great men were brave enough to take it back on the road. Driver wears a helmet because you never know what might fall out of sky. Earlier on we met a big red truck in similar conditions. So see, Chinese electronics might suck, but their trucks are indestructible.


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  1. Jeff- July 27, 2012 Reply

    ….. O.O

  2. John B.- July 29, 2012 Reply

    nothing special, it is just a convertible 🙂

  3. TurboJaySmith- July 30, 2012 Reply

    they ALL are crap

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