A 1995 Ford Mustang convertible thinks it is a Mercedes-Benz S320 in China

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Here we have a really strange car in China, offered second hand for 12.000 yuan (1885 USD) in Liaoning Province. It is a 1995 Ford Mustang convertbile converted to a ‘Mercedes-Benz S320’. The seller claims is was manufactured in June 1995 and imported into China in the same year. Seller completely ignores the Benz-thing and boldly calls his ridiculous vehicle a ‘Ford Mustang’.

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I am not sure where it was converted but looking at the quality it seems done in China. The 1995 convertible is part of the fourth-generation Ford Mustang, which was made from 1994 until 2004. It was never officially exported to China but some arrived via the gray market. The 4th gen was never very popular, not even in the US, so the Benz-conversion is kinda understandable. This Ford S320 is powered by the base 3.8 liter V6 that pooped out a sad 145hp and 292nm.

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Automatic gearbox, Benz-logo on the steering wheel, LV-floormats included (likely more expensive than entire car), and overall in good condition.

Only 18750 miles (30175.2 kilometer) and that ain’t too much for a good Stang! Buy or not buy? Well, it is certainly a unique car. History a but unclear though, and parts will be hard to get. 1885 USD however isn’t that much money, so we call it a buy.

Soft-top might or might not work, seller doesn’t say. Go to Liaoning to check it out….

Via: China2Car.

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  1. Probe — it’s really mostly Probe (it has mostly Probe lines), looks like they stole parts of a Mustang interior and used some stuff for the convertible top. The car is front-drive, which the Mustang has never been. The engine is mounted transversely, which is the main give-away here. The dash doesn’t look right for a Mustang either, although parts of it (heater controls) might be. Looks like they used parts of a Buick for the front end

  2. Lexus IS200 rear lights, Buick front end – traditional ‘third world’ mix’n’match and panel hammer and Isopon/Bondo job.
    Reminds me of 70’s cars in India / Vietnam with 2000’s front and rear ends from Japanese scrapyards moulded on to them.
    Me? I prefer Opels with Cadillac badging or Ssangyongs with Mercedes badging. !

  3. @Paul…definitely Ford Probe. I knew the steering wheel didn’t look like a Mustang, but the giveaway is the door handles. Despite the goofy Buick front clip and Lexus IS taillights, definitely a Probe.

  4. @ocbrad1… Yeah, the entire side of the body in that pic — looks like the gen2 probe for sure. That trunk lid may actually be from a benz — and the front is so Buick — it’s amazing they made it all fit together like that.


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