Volkswagen Golf is Pink in China

Volkswagen Golf is Pink in China

Late Wednesday night in Dalian, I am in this fine hotel and just now there was a sweet-voiced lady calling from the lobby, saying I was in need of some company. Whawas she talking about? I don’t need company, I am busy writing about Pink cars. Here we have just such a vehicle, a pinky Volkswagen Golf VI, seen in the great city of Dongguan in Guangdong Province, made even more pretty with a black roof, a black badge and blacked-out lights. Great machine. The Volkswagen Golf VI is made in China by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture, number 7 is on da way. Earlier on we met a blue-pink Golf, a Citi Golf, a pantzer Golf and a Bora-Golf.

One thought on “Volkswagen Golf is Pink in China”

  1. This pinky Volkswagen Golf looks fabulous. I only wish it was in the UK, because then it could join the #PinkCarRally to help us raise money for ‘real hair’ wigs for children, who have lost their own hair – primarily through chemotherapy. We LOVE #PinkCars 🙂

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