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Lifan 320 tries Really Hard to be a Mini Cooper

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Lifan 320 tries Really Hard to be a Mini Cooper

The Lifan 320 loox a tad too much like the Mini Cooper, especially around the grille. But it ain’t a 1:1 copy, the Lifan has 4 doors, is longer, and has a different roof. A 320 owner in Beijing decided to make his vehicle look just a little more like the real thing, with a load of fake badges, carefully positioned extra chrome, and stickers. The chrome bars over the grille are new, so are the side skirts, the racing stripes and the checkered-flag roof. But that’s just the start:

Lifan 320 tries Really Hard to be a Mini Cooper

Badge on the bonnet.

Lifan 320 tries Really Hard to be a Mini Cooper

Sticker behind front wheel.


Badge on Mini-style alloy.


Sticker on rear window.


Extra chrome around the rear lights, extra chrome strip under the windows.


Badge on the back.


Badge on the back.


I don’t know what this is, but it loox cool, but not very Mini. Text under gun: ShotoWe.


A standard Lifan 320 which was parked nearby, a lot less Mini indeed. Price starts at 36.500 yuan and ends at 54.900 yuan. Power comes from a 88hp 1.3. The cheapest Mini in China costs 219.000 yuan, which is a clearly a ridiculous amount of money. Sure that doesn’t make it cool to copy, but!, the fun will soon be over because Lifan is working on a new 320 that is much Mini-different.

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