Plymouth Sundance is Black in the Rain in China

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A beautiful black Plymouth Sundance seen in heavy rain in the great city of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province. The vehicle was parked on a lot near the ferry to Shenzhen where I was hangin’ around for a while. The Plymouth, although very wet, was in near-perfect condition.

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The Plymout Sundance was made from 1987 until 1994 in the United States and Mexico, where it was known as the Chrysler Shadow. There was also a Dodge-badged variant in the US which was called the Dodge Shadow. The Plymouth Sundance was never exported to China so how this fine black example, with a white-red stripe in the side, ended up all the way in Zhuhai is a mystery.


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Typical late 1980’s American interior with loads of cheap black plastics and simple square design. Radio is after-market. Seat covers too, a typical Chinese thingy to protect to original cloth. The interior was in near-perfect condition too, the owner of this vehicle must have a heart for the Sundance, and some cash too, because parts and expertise will be hard to find. Amazingly, this is already the second Sundance I met in China, after a less-perfect white example in Beijing.


The owner must love his dance! The Sundance was available with 2.2 and 2.5 liter K-engines or with a Mitsubishi sourced 3.0 V6. Power went to the front wheels. There was no engine-badge on the car so I don’t know what hides under the bonnet. The whole car however seemed pretty basic and the transmission is a manual, indicating the engine is most likely a 2.2.


The rain continued, and I rushed back to the boat…

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  1. well……..

    Sundance was imported along with Tempo and Chevy Corsica in early to mid 90s, and some remained in stock till mid 00s, especially Sundance, as it’s the inferior one among three. and for the quality, Sundance isnt as common as Tempo these years

  2. @Tycho de Feyter
    yes indeed, and i posted those two metallic blue tempo photos below.
    i have a photo showing two Sundance in black and white from a dealer around 2002 in family album, but it’s not scanned.


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