Audi Q5 is Pink in China


Late Saturday night in Shanghai China, I just came back in my hotel from a-beer-to-much. Time thus for some Pink to get me to sleep! And Pink we have with this pinkiefied audi Q5 SUV I met a few days back in the Lido area in the capital Beijing. The Pink wrap was of medium quality, but stretching out nicely over the bumpers and mirrors.


The rest of the car however was bog standard, with factory alloys and front & rear lights. Still, choosing Pink is a Commitment, and one we will always support, with as much power as we have available at any time. The Audi Q5 is made in China by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture, price starts at 347.500 yuan and ends at 567.700 yuan. Earlier on we met a Gold Q5, a matte black Q5, a Zotye, a cow, and one doing an Aston.

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