Pretty Chinese Girls on a Tuning show in China

Published on May 5, 2013 by W.E. Ning

Pretty Chinese Girls on a Tuning show in China

Because Saturday; we have a bunch of very pretty Chinese local girls being pretty around a bunch of very pretty cars, seen here on an event in the great city of Jilin in Jilin Province. The good girls are modestly dressed in short blue jeans and a white tanktop.  Interestingly, they all wear a badge, which is a rare thing for a model on a car show. Somebody in Jilin doesn’t trust those models anymore? In need of some extra ‘checks’? We guess… Click on Pics for Bigs™. Not too NSFW.


With a Scirocco.


With an Audi TT.


With a Audi S5.


Another Scirocco.


Mazda? Head lights seem to indicate something rather big.

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