Maybach 62 is Big ‘n Black in China

Maybach 62 is Big 'n Black in China

A big all-black Maybach 62, seen in the underground parking lot of the Kerry Center in the great city of Shanghai by reader Chiprdan, thank you for the picture! The mighty 62 is 6.2 meters long and powered by a 5.5 liter twin turbo V12, good for 550hp and 900nm. The 62 and 62S are still available in China, but the 57 is no more.

The 62 on pics has yellow license plates, normal cars got blue, because it is so long it qualifies as a truck in most Chinese cities. Yellow in Zhengzhou, yellow in Beijing, but strangely, the lucky ones come in blue.

Price for the 62 starts at 6.18 million yuan or 1.007 million USD. Production of the Maybach range will come to a complete stop later this year. The brand will be missed in China where it was popular from the very beginning. Its replacement, a stretched S called ‘Pullman’, will likely face hard times in China where status is all-important. No rich man, want to be seen in an airport limousine…

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Tycho, i am disappointed … no word on the yellow public transport license?!

Loool … now after have a year i found your reply 😀 Happy now. However, I have a different theory about the yellow plates due to a Maybach sighting I had in Shanghai: a) The car was in Shanghai City during the day during rush hour. However, trucks are not allowed in the City during this time as wouldn’t be a Maybach with truck plates … not that anybody owning a Maybach would mind the fees, just saying. b) He was constantly driving on the bus only lanes. I therefore suspect that the yellow license plates maybe mean public transport… Read more »