Mega swimming pool in China offers “Tsunami Experience”

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Today in Other Amazing News a pool in China with something new: a “Tsunami Experience”, referring to a destructive natural phenomena causing huge water waves that tend to kill thousands of people when they hit ashore. Moreover, the term ‘tsunami’ commonly refers to the extremely disastrous ‘2004 Indian Ocean tsunami’ that killed over 230.000 people. Fun in the pool?

China’s state news agency Xinhua reports, without any amazement or irony:

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“Visitors enjoy the coolness brought by the artificial tsunami in the Dapu Tsunami Experiencing House in Wuhu City, east China’s Anhui Province, Aug. 4, 2013. Many people chose to enjoy the coolness in the Dapu Tsunami Experiencing House where tsunami was created by high technology in the hot summer.”


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Visitors are required to wear a life vest. The pool itself is indeed a technological marvel. There is enough space for 30.000 people to experience the Tsunami at the same time. The wave is four meters high. The wave is made even more scary by a huge video-sound system that shows images of monster waves and plays the sound of storm!



Night-time experience.


The waves are coming from a giant black hole in the back of the pool. The hole is truly, the end of the world. Cheapest ticket for a one-time Tsunami experience cost 68 yuan or 11 USD.


Wave coming to beach.

Other Amazing News is an experimental new category on showing other amazing news from China. We will focus on things like giant buildings, giant bridges, giant space rockets, giant fighter jets, and such more. If you, dear reader, think this new category is a really good idea or a really bad idea, please let us know in the comments. Tips are always welcome too.


They survived.

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  1. doesn’t seem like 4 meters to me and anyway what is difference between regular wave and this so called tsunami? to me it seems any wave is for chinese like tsunami judging by their swimming “skills”


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