Spotted in China: Mansory 958 Porsche Cayenne

Spotted in China: Mansory 958 Porsche Cayenne

An extremely bling & beastly Mansory 958 Porsche Cayenne, seen at the Grand Gateway Mall in the great city of Shanghai by reader Tom in Shanghai, thank you for the picture! The Mansory 958 comes with a super low body kit, gigantic 22 inch wheels and a huge wing at the back.This brilliant example in Shanghai is sexed up even further by a chrome wrap and matte black alloys.

But even better is the work done to engine! The 4.8 turbocharged V8 is tuned up to a n absolutely mad 690hp and 800nm. Top speed is 300km/h top speed and 0-100 is gone in 4.4 seconds. Chrome wrapped Warp!

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