Green Crocodile Tank is a Dangerous Animal in China

Green Crocodile Tank is a Dangerous Animal in China

A very dangerous green-crocodile-tank coin operated kiddie ride, seen on a residential compound just east of the Fifth Ring Road. The crocodile theme makes this tank a far more fearsome weapon than a sorta similar red tank we met earlier in the same area. It also is a rather big machine, measuring a full 1.2 meters in length.


Yellow anti-tank rockets, to be used when the enemy is yet out of reach of the main cannon. The red canister  hold anti-air missiles, for taking out low flying objects such as helicopter gunships, UAV’s, and small airplanes.


The vehicle is operated by only one person, who is in control of directions and all weapon systems. The steering wheel is very real-tank like. Big red button likely a kinda emergency switch that fires all arms at once.


The screen depicts a Transformers battle scene.


Main propulsion (nuclear) sits in the center between the rocket launchers. Below between the tracks the propellers for wading through water. Price for all this Pretty: 1 yuan for 5 minutes. Tank moves forward and backward, up and down, and makes a lot of noise. My kid loved it…

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