Redesign for

Redesign for

Hello Readers, has been redesigned. A new look with a new drop-down menu and the standard photo size is up to 660. The site switched to HTML5 for more SPEED. We added fancy social-media thingies for extra connectivity with the outside world. Lotta new and we are lotta happy, hope you are very happy too. Still, this is only the beginning, aka Phase 1.

Very soon we are going to begin with Phase 2, which will include a car database and a photo-upload functionality.

Much more pretty to come…

We are now working to finalize Phase 1, if you have any smart ideas or bugs to report please let us know in the comments.

Many thanks to Noord Media Webdesign of Friesland for the brilliant work!

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Harry Wedzinga

Thanks Tycho. Always a pleasure working with you…

Poppy Yang

new design is more comfortable. photos get bigger:)

D Mitra

Yes, I am happy; like the new look.
Eagerly waiting for Phase 2, especially the car database.


nice improvement although I would prefer wider design with even bigger photos and bigger fonts, common is 2013, no point making it for 1024px wide displays as this seems


Subtle difference – was it worth the change?

Hugh Crawford

Remember not to waste too much time including ads and social media rubbish, as lots of us use blockers to rid us of these irritations, so they are never seen.

More seriously, beware bigger pics, which can slow down and kill browsers for those in backward countries like Britain, where our internet access is rather s…l…o……..w…