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Brilliance H120 will debut on the Guangzhou Auto Show

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The much delayed Brilliance H120 mini car will finally debut on the Guangzhou Auto Show in late November. The latest reports in Chinese automotive media indicate Brilliance will ditch the H120 name altogether, and rename the vehicle ‘CaCa’, just like Chery QQ, Changan BenBen, and JAC YueYue, which are all competitors for the H120.


The name came to light via the fuel consumption label, seen here for the 1.3 liter four-cylinder engine, which will have an output of 88hp. The H120/CaCa will also be available with a 1.0 four-cylinder. Both engines will be mated to a 5-speed manual. Price will start around 40.000 yuan.


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  1. With a name like that, this car has no chance to get into the European or Russian Market. Caca in a lot of languages means “shit”. So if Brilliance doesn’t want to end up laughed at on the international market (like Chevrolet in South America with the Chevy Nova (No Va in Spanish means “doesn’t run”)), they should think twice when naming their cars.

    • Sure, Nova is the same in Spanish, but Chevrolet had problems since the “No va” joke got popular and destroyed the car’s image on the entire hispanic market.


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