Spy Shots: Chery QQ going electric in China

Spy Shots: Chery QQ going electric in China

Spy Shots of the upcoming Chery QQ EV testing in China. It is based on the petrol-powered new Chery QQ that was launched on the China car market in March. The Chery QQ EV will debut on the Beijing Auto Show in April next year and it will be launched on the Chinese auto market in the first half of 2014.


At the same time, Chery is also working on the QQ3 EV, based on the Chery QQ3 Sport.

Price of the Chery QQ EV will start around 60.000 yuan, but subsidies of central and local governments can bring that down to 30.000 yuan. Cheap enough and a good looking little car, but the problem of the non-existing charging point remains. With nowhere to charge nobody will buy.


Lever looks hip.


Flat underbelly holding the battery pack.


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