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Spy Shots: Changan Automobile is going Pickup Truck

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Surprising spy shots showing a new mid-size pickup truck by Changan Automobile, featuring a sporty grille and racy alloys. The mid-size segment of new for Changan, up until now they only make much smaller minivan-based pickup trucks, of the kind we see on highways with a lot.


The new nameless pickup truck will be launched on the China car market before the end of the year. Power will come from a 2.2 liter four-cylinder petrol engine sourced from Great Wall Motors. Size: 5450/1740 / 1710mm, wheelbase is 3380, and curb weigh is 1.57 ton. Price yet unknown but pickup trucks like this usually start around 100.000 yuan. The vehicle will be manufactured in Changan’s production base in Hebei Province.

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  1. It’s not like Chang’an to go along with the crowd. In this case the ubiquitous Isuzu dual cab. From early on they had distinguished themselves with unique designs, that drew a second glance, while gaining them respect for avoiding the path of imitation .


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