Chinese Car Girls get busy with a Honda Civic and a Jade

Chinese Car Girls get busy with a Honda Civic and a Jade

Today in China Car Girls a whole flock of them dancing and jumping around on an outside stage in the great city of Qingdao in Shandong Province, promoting the Honda Civic and Honda Jade for a local Honda dealer. That sounds like party time indeed! Starting with the girls wearing a gold top and black trousers.


Local dealer events are always fuzzy and therefore very likable. Headquarters in Beijing seldom has a say, or even a know, local dealers can and will do as they please, no matter if their stunts do not always coincide with the brand image headquarters is so desperately trying to build.


That skirt doesn’t fit.


Take Honda for example. They are trying so hard to appeal to a younger audience, with hip design and hip names, but so far without much success. Honda just isn’t very sexy. The Qingdao dealer understands that much better than headquarters, and decided to add a healthy dose of flesh to the vehicles. Sure thing he will sell out soon.


Rainbow trousers! The band without a bass guitar.


Stage time. Skirt holds out. She a model. But she doesn’t smile.


With a skinny model friend. Both looking very pretty.


Thank you! And off they go.


More girls waiting backstage.


Dressed like waiters in a raunchy restaurant. I really need a Honda now.


The red hair looks familiar.


Sudden switch to the actual car. Model girl in tight skirt unveils Civic with potential customer, who doesn’t look that young. The Civic by the way has been on the market for fat over a year. The ceremony is just for show.


Not too happy again. Pretty red car.


Skinny girl got the Jade. She jaded.


The excited crowd. Stella Artois is a Belgium beer brand. It was established in 1366. Good beer. After twenty or so bottles I might be tempted to try:


That’s a smile!

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