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This is the new Gonow GX6 SUV for the Chinese car market

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This is the new Gonow GX6 SUV, it will be launched on the China car market in October. Price will start around 110.000 yuan and end around 160.000 yuan. The Gonow GX6 is the production version of the Gonow GA6470 Concept that debuted on the 2014 Beijing Auto Show in April.


Reasonable trendy interior with red-black seats, red door detailing, a start button, and a large touch screen in the center console for the infotainment system.


Can watch TV!


White roof with black greenhouse with chrome with light blue body = OK.


Design has some Range Rover elements; notably the grille, the rear bumper,  the wheel arches, and the headlights. Overall however not a bad looking car. Two engines: a 2.4 liter four-cylinder petrol engine mated to a five-speed manual, or a or a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbodiesel mated to a six-speed manual. The 2.4 petrol is a Mitsubishi designed unit that powers zillions of cheap Chinese SUV’s and pickup trucks.

Size: 4640/1815/1800mm, wheelbase is 2745.


Lettering on the back: GAC Gonow. GAC stands for Guangzhou Automobile Corporation, aka Guangzhou Auto, the parent company of Gonow.


White roof with red interior with black greenhouse with chrome with light blue body = OK.

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  1. No it’s not bad looking at all, for a private company (shrimp among whales) that started on a shoestring some eleven years ago. Gonow has come a long way from dropping ready-made Foday SUV and pickup bodies, on frames. This little private company makes the big Beijing Jeep SOE, look bad. An example is the BJ40, also seen here today,which took years to bring to market, but which is a dated, mediocre, design at best…., in this fast moving world of cars.

  2. BAIC seems very slow in the area of product development. It took years for them to put the SAAB technology they purchased into production vehicles, though the results seem quite good. Gonow has been a pleasant surprise lately. GAC must be giving them a degree of freedom that is stimulating their development.

    • Yes Santos, BAIC seems to be doing quite well lately with their new non-jeep products.
      As for GAC-Gonow, I think that in their venture together, GAC only owns 51% of Gonow.. It’s different from the GAC Changfeng tie-up, where GAC is in control. But lately have wondered about that.

  3. Looks better than that piss-poor Landwind E32 ripoff of the Range Rover Evoque design-wise, does have some styling cues from the Land Rover and current (5th gen.) Ford Explorer.

    Nice interior, who’da thought watching TV on the go was brilliant idea.


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