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This is the new Cowin Auto C3 sedan for the Chinese auto market

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This is the brand new Cowin Auto C3 sedan, ready for its launch on the Chinese car market later this month. Cowin Auto is a new car brand under Chery Automobile focused on making cheap vehicles for young car buyers living in third and fourth tier cities, a booming market in China. Cowin Auto will develop new vehicles from scratch and they will inherit several vehicles that are now sold under the Chery name.


The Cowin name has come a long way. It started as the name for a single car, then became the name of a sub-brand, and finally morphed into a stand-alone brand. The Chinese name is Kayi (凯翼). The Cowin Auto C3 was originally developed as the Chery Cowin 2 (the Cowin sub-brand), and subsequently moved to Cowin Auto.


It might be called a Cowin but this is a typical cheap-Chery dash with lots of hard plastics and poor finishing. The upper part of the center console is kinda nice though, and blue dials. Price for the Cowin Auto C3 will start around 50.000 yuan and end around 70.000 yuan. Lone engine is a 1.5 liter four-cylinder petrol with 109hp and 140nm, mated to a five-speed manual. Size: 4250/1726 / 1510mm, wheelbase is 2510mm.


Integrated rear spoiler for sporty. Cowin logo on the small side.


Not a Chery. Not a Chery Cowin. This is a Cowin Auto.


The 1.5.


Surroundings scream third tier or worse. We won’t see many of these in the big cities, we bet.

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