How much Exactly is the Landwind X7 a Clone of the Range Rover Evoque?

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The infamous Landwind X7 is a Chinese clone of the British-Indian Range Rover Evoque. But how much a clone exactly? We have shown comparisons inside and out, but some Chinese media are taking making comparisons to a whole new level, proving the X7 is indeed a pretty good clone, but not a perfect one. Let’s begin:

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Overall design is very similar up to the lettering, but the X7 has a chrome strip over the grille and the Evoque has not.

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Headlights vaguely similar.

Price of the X7 will start around 120.000 yuan or $19.600. The X7 is powered by a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with 190hp and 250nm, mated to a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic. The X7 is based on a shortened variant of the platform that also underpins the Landwind X8.


Fake vent on front fender. Both bad. Evoque’s continues over door.

Landwind is a Chinese car maker jointly owned by Jiangling Motors and Changan Auto, coincidentally (0r not?) both joint venture partners of Ford, with Jiangling-Ford and Changan-Ford respectively. Ford owned Land Rover-Range Rover until 2008 when they sold it on to the TATA conglomerate of India.

Price for the imported Range Rover Evoque starts at 528.000 yuan and ends at 668.000 yuan ($86.300 – 109.200). Price for the China-made Range Rover Evoque will start around 400.000 yuan. Cheaper, but still quite a bit more expensive than the Landwind X7. Some Chinese car buyers might be tempted to give it a try.


1) The X7 has a chrome strip running under windows. The Evoque does not.

2) The X7 has a roof rack. The Evoque does not.


That’s great cloning work there! Bumper almost 100% and rear window at least 90%. Lettering the same again. But! Landwind has a rear-windshield wiper and the Range Rover does not.


Rear lights are rather different.

The Landwind X7 is one of our hottest stories of the year, occupying three places in our 2014 top ten, and it is already late November. The X7 just fascinates, and normals rules apparently don’t apply. Whenever we had a story about a Chinese clone or copy before the reactions would be largely negative, accusing China of all wrong in the word, and the automaker in question was vilified.

In the case of the Landwind X7 however the reactions, comments, and emails are largely positive. Many are saying Land Rover only has itself to blame because it charges far too much for the Evoque. And many more are saying the X7 is a much better looking car than the Evoque. And we have received numerous emails from all over the world asking when the X7 will be available in country X or Y. Are you reading this, Landwind..?


Overall design very similar again. Check start buttons! Screen in the X7 is much bigger than in the Evoque. X7 has a clearly marked cigarette lighter, the Evoque does not. The X7 has gear lever whereas the Evoque has a trendy knob.


Shape of the instrument binnacle is the same, but the instruments differ.


The X7 has icons for air-the vent-control, so drivers know what is how and where. The Evoque does not, so drivers have to find out in their own way, and considering that most buyers of the Evoque are women; the hard way.


The seat design is cloned as well! We hadn’t even noticed that one yet. Never seen a clones seat before, not even on an other Chinese car. A first for Landwind. Shape of the speakers however couldn’t be more different, and one could even say the Landwind designers got creative, with a kinda wuzzy rectangular shape.


More head space in the Evoque.


Design of the back of the front seats is carefully cloned again. Cup holders in X7 look very crappy.


Similar space for the head and the legs.


Handles slightly similar.


Big sunroofs are for everybody.


Electronic parking brakes look alike.


Power! The X7 is powered by a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with 190hp and 250nm, mated to a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic. The Evoque is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with 237hp and 340nm, mated to a nine-speed automatic.

Well then. Not a 100% clone, but still a clone. Let’s say… 90% plus? Sales of the X7 are set to start in March 2015.

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  1. I am against cloning, but very pro X7, and I wish Land Wind the best with this model. Is the auto really an 8-speed? I heard earlier that they were using a 6-speed.

  2. I swear, there oughta be a massive class-action lawsuit against Landwind for pulling off such douchebaggery like this Evoque wannabe.

  3. I dream to be a car designer, and if this were to happen to me; I would literally piss on that clone car. Shows no respect to a persons hard work.

    And I can’t believe the audacity of people saying that “Land Rover” brought this on to themselves because they “charge too much”. It’s called “Making an actually good car”

  4. I hate this. Shit car. Shit company. Shit designer. Shit country. Stealing and Stinking Shit Landwind. Stop Cloning. Just Die.

  5. This sort of activity and blatant disregard of the intellectual property rights of others makes me feel very sad; it adds nothing to the Chinese reputation for honesty and good business ethics.

  6. I wonder how Land Rover must feel, when they have invested heavily to set up a joint venture with Chinese car maker Chery (in order to be allowed into the protected Chinese market), to then have their designs ripped off – with little hope of successful action against the perpetrators?

    • Actually, when they make production joint-ventures in China.. That’s when the ripoffs show up.

      They must feel pretty shitty. Much like the other companies who had their cars ripped off by shitty chinese manufacturers.

      • This level of cloning was thought to have ended a long time ago so industry folks are quite shocked.

        It is possible that JLR failed to register the Evoques design patent in China which has led to this clone emerging. Chinese manufacturers don’t intentionally clone, they look for loop holes in IP registration and exploit them.

  7. Am a Nigerian based in Suzhou, JIANGSU, really would like to be the first to market this car in my country. I can afford the price but the problem is I don’t know how to ship to my country.

    • Some-body spends millions in R&D and designs a product. The shitty Chinese rip-off the R&D hard-work, and the descent world hates this!

  8. For the beginning, you would say it’s rubbish or worse than the original Evoque, but just remember : even lowcost clothes with Versace or Chanel badge are worthed more. Why not with this one?

    • The technology required for a purse and a Premium car is clearly not the same. The margins in the car industry are clearly not as high as in the fashion, were in fact you pay mostly a brand. Look at the automotive press (quite objective) in Europe: Land Rover and the Evoque are acknowledged are good premium cars with awesome technologies, fording capabilities etc., a know-how that comes from years of tradition. So both cars have clearly not the same target (one is for the premium segment, the other is not).
      The design of this copy is quite pretty, but it is still a copy so the image given to the public is clearly not the same – but it is so much easier to copy a successful product (and this was an original one, so a dared choice), than to develop your own… and so unrespectful (automobile design is art…).

  9. The land rover designers should be flattered that the Chinese think there is mileage in this style. Calling it a clone is rubbish, do any of the parts swap over? no! it is not a clone but a similar styled vehicle. A bit like a every other mid range salon car is a very similar shape to the next one. Sooner or later there will be no shape that is original.
    Get over it it, its called competition, industry copies success on every level. Patents are there to protect “New and Novel” there is nothing new about a vehicle with a wheel at each corner! When will they in be in the UK!

    The other side of the coin.
    Just maybe this could make the UK increase it import duties to make buying british more attractive and our home grown companies become bigger and more efficient again. Many countries around the world tax imports heavily to promote patriotism including China! Maybe the uk instead of criticising China should follow their example that lead to Land Rover starting to use China to manufacture!!

    So blame our Government for being too fair and not the Chinese for taking advantage!!

  10. If u call this car clone that means everything looks alike but this two cars are different from the interior to the exterior how will u sue land wind saying this car is a clone almost lookalike is not alike I am getting one of this boy, range rover shut up ur mouth ur cars are all expensive but Chinese cars are economical and cheaper. I want this land wind x7

    • Prince…..I agree that this is not a CLONE (because they are not identical), but to say that Landwing have not blatantly COPIED the Land Rover design is quite frankly, RIDICULOUS.
      Having said that, as an expat living in China, I would buy one of these!
      I absolutely adore the Evoque, bit I could never afford one! Now I can drive the design that I like, at a cost that I can afford.

  11. You may call it what ever you want,clone or no clone,I’m inlove with this landwind X7.I can afford it.We patiently waiting for it here in South Africa.Thank you Chinees.

  12. Clone? Not for me …
    Original = Gisele Bundchen
    Clone = Sarina Valentina
    Both are beautiful ….! But are totally different machines ….
    I prefer wake up smiling. Others with the ass burning

    a choice brings consequences…

  13. Definition of clone as per the oxford enlish dictionary

    A person or thing regarded as an exact copy of another:

    The similarities are definatly evident the most obvious being the rear roofline, but I bet not one major component of the X7 is compatible with an Evoque

    Is an MX5 an MGB, is a Fiat X19 a Mk1 MR2, Is a Hyundai Coupe from 2000 a Toyota Celica. There are many example of cars that are similar. The nissan Qashqai was a groundbreaking crossover SUV that EVERY major manufacturer worldwide has produced a similar looking version no one has bleated on about that.

    The range rover has been copied over and over what do you think a Landcruiser is

    every car shape is copied .every detail is copied

    If the X7 didnt have the low rear roofline noone would have even raised an eyebrow

  14. I think that whatever we say, by the time all the major industries have gone to China and make its products, the Chinese have acquired the knowledge and power to build whatever they want without bothering nobody. If China shed market dollars that would have sunk the Americas. Well do so. All industries need to understand that you should not overcharge their products. Someone there will always give the best price. There will always be one China do. After you leave at least do well to not killed people. However we must admit that the similarities are more than 90%.

  15. Most of us are unable to afford the original Range Rover Evoque,thanks to the chinese we will be able to drive Landwind Suv,when is it going to be available in south africa?I am going to buy one

  16. Seriously Land Rover should sue them cloners thats just pathetic!When will this be available in the US market? What is the EPA mpg of this car? LOL

  17. Good on you China keep cloning and improving the quality of your clones – to the standard of the products you make for western companies.
    The capitalist world created by the west to benefit the west will soon be yours, America are on their way down and out, can’t wait! XD

  18. “and considering that most buyers of the Evoque are women; the hard way.”

    Your comment is as disgusting as the Land Wind.

  19. This is daylight robbery. Such cheap behavior from chinese not really surprising. blatant shameless copycats. all they have to do is take someone else’s blood and sweat, tweak it a little bit and then mass produce in billions. FULLOFSHIT CHIONESE CHINKY MONKEY MOTHERFUCKERS

  20. Love it equality! Meeting the demands of the people! Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Hyundai
    For the hard workers of the World. See you have some that will not buy unless it is a high price, then those who likes quality, but because of life challenges can not afford it! China, Japan, Asia for the

  21. What about stablity, brake, A/C, cooling…systems?
    How good they are compared to R. Rover?
    When it will be in UAE? Test drive? Safety? Can it stands 50°c ir more weather temprature? Then price.

  22. Cant wait for x7 to reach Malaysia, someday, regardless of the copy cat design, the spec itself is monsterous with that price tag.
    whether u like it or not, range rover evoque is overpriced, thats why people dont buy it.

  23. Good on you Landwind, ive seen you in action during my business in China, she runs smooth and honestly for that you already killed any competition.. to haters out their, people copy. LANDWIND YOUR AWESOME. CHINA KEEP KICKING ASS

  24. Bit off topic – but hopefully an example people will understand?

    Yesterday, I fitted a Chinese made brake wheel cylinder to an old Land Rover and after I’d bled the brakes, it leaked everywhere! Brand new – and leaking!

    Fitted an Italian made replacement – no problem!

    How they get their total sh*t imported into the West beats me……

  25. Do you really, really want to know where the difference in price comes from? Between a Land Rover (or anything similar) and an Asian made car? Yes, it’s quality, but the simple answer: It’s how much they pay their workers.

  26. All your comparison pictures are used as is in a Magazine article.(I read that old copy at doctors office in US!) Its on their site as well. Hope you don’t mind.

  27. This article is absolutely biased and completely useless. Clone or not, the car is going to fall apart within minutes, just like everything else the country produces. How much did landwind pay you to publish this trash? I wish china would fall off the face of the planet. Causing all this industrial and worldly pollution just to create horrible quality products. Want to solve global warming? Get rid of china, plain and simple.

  28. For whoever said Chinese products fall apart hasn’t actually looked at all his electronic appliances. Most are made in China. Quality standard is all that separates the two. You pay a higher premium to get a quality Chinese product.


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