BMW 640i is shiny blue in China

BMW 640i is shiny blue in China

A wild BMW 640i, Spotted in China in the great city of Jinan in Shandong Province. The good Bimmer is bimmered up with a shiny blue wrap, and further prettified by slightly darkened windows, extra shiny chrome around the side windows, a red interior, and sporty matte gray ten-spoke alloys.


The poor car hadn’t been washed in a while. The shiny wrap almost looked like a matte one. But it was of top quality and neatly covered the windows, door handles, and bumpers. That would almost be a holy three, but a part of the handles was sadly wrapped in something gray.

The 640i is powered by a twin-turbocharged six, good for 315hp and 450nm. The BMW 6-Series Coupe is a rare car in China and if we see one it is usually an M6, we have a small collection: shiny Pink, matte light purple, matte purple, and a bling cabrio.

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