Jiangling Yuhu concept debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show

Jiangling Yuhu concept debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show

The completely outrageous Jiangling Yuhu concept has been unveiled on the Shanghai Auto Show, shocking friend and foe alike. The Yuhu previews a possible far-future sporty pickup truck, featuring a completely crazy and unforgettable design.


The Yuhu is fat over five meters long and almost two meters high. The two-door cabin seats four. It is purely a design study without an engine. The real thing, if it ever hits the market, surely needs something very powerful! Wheel arches are huge and the wheels themselves are just incredible:


The alloy actually crosses over to the wheels, sure that will make for a comfortable ride.


The Jiangling Motor Corporation, or JMC, is one of China’s largest builder of small and medium commercial vehicles. They also make a series of rugged SUV and pickup trucks.

With Changan Auto, JMC owns the controversial Landwind brand, famous for the infamous Landwind X7 SUV. Last but not least, JMC has a successful joint venture with Ford Motor for making Ford-branded commercial vehicles and SUV’s.


A very angry car this is, ready to kill all those people wining about that Range Rover thingy. Interestingly, back in 2013 JMC also launched a Yuhu-named concept on the Shanghai Auto Show, and they use the name for a series of cheap pickup trucks. Yuhu is best translated as ‘Domestic Tiger’.

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Those wheels could provide extra traction on mud and snow. A true “domestic tiger” can retract its claws, tho’… something for JMC’s designers to work on.