Jiangling Yusheng S330 concept debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show

Jiangling Yusheng S330 concept debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show

The outrageous Jiangling Yusheng S330 concept has been unveiled on the Shanghai Auto Show, shocking friend and foe alike. The Yuhu previews a future high-end and sporty crossover SUV. Design is simply manic, with a wildly aggressive stance, a giant black grille with tongue-like bars, very angry headlights, and a bling-bling shiny blue paint job.


The Yusheng S330 is just under five meters long an almost 1.8 meters high. It is purely a design study without an engine, but a screaming-in-your-face car like this surely needs something powerful and very high-revving! Check that wheel:


That’s just brilliant, especially the blue five-spoker in the center.


Big wing on the roof, chrome bar between the lights, heavy black bumper with a chromed gray skid pad. What not, is to love?

The Jiangling Motor Corporation, or JMC, is one of China’s largest builder of small and medium commercial vehicles. They also make a series of rugged SUV and pickup trucks.

With Changan Auto, JMC owns the controversial Landwind brand, famous for the infamous Landwind X7 SUV. Last but not least, JMC has a successful joint venture with Ford Motor for making Ford-branded commercial vehicles and SUV’s.


Fear thy human beings, the Yusheng S330 is coming to eat y’all!

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