BYD Tang hybrid super SUV launched on the Chinese car market

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The brutal BYD Tang SUV has finally launched on the Chinese car market. And if there ever is one car that deserves the be called ‘game changer’, this is it. The Tang is a super speedy hybrid with a combined output of 505 (five-hundred five) horsepower. The base model sells for 251.300 yuan and the bloodily crazy but limited-edition Ultimate Edition goes for 518.800 yuan.

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The BYD Tang has three engines, powering all wheels. It is a dual-mode hybrid, able to drive in pure-electric mode (EV) or in hybrid-electric mode (HEV).

The three engines refer to a 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine and and two electric motors. The petrol engine and one of the electric motors are located at the front, the second electric motor is located at the rear axle. Gearbox is a six-speed DCT, developed by BYD.

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The output of the 2.0 turbo is 205hp and 320nm. The output of each electric motor is 150hp and 250nm. Total output stands at 505hp and 820nm. Just massive. The enormous amount of power is good for a 0-100 in 4.9 seconds.

See our full write-up on the power train here.


The launch of the wildly winged Ultimate Edition is somewhat of a surprise since we heard earlier on that it was sold out already. Apparently it isn’t. The Ultimate comes with a tuned up variant of the 2.0 turbo, here good for 253hp and 370nm. Output of the electric motors didn’t change. Total output of the Tang Ultimate is thus 555hp and 870nm. The extra power shows in the acceleration; 0-100 is gone is 4.4 seconds! The Tang Ultimate is limited to 200 units.


The dashboard is a tech paradise. The instrument binnacle is fully digital, and the screen of the infotainment system is one of the largest of its kind. Brown leather looks classy, combining with real (!) wood panels on the dash and doors.


The center dial houses the built-in air purifier, developed to filter the killing PM2.5 particles out of the dirty Chinese air, leaving the occupants of the vehicle with air slightly more breathable. BYD claims that the system can bring the PM2.5 index down from 700 to 12 in only four minutes. The worst we had in Beijing this year was 543, so that will be clean in about three and a half minutes. BYD is the first automaker to offer build-in air purifiers, and the idea is a hit. All other automakers in China, local and international, are currently developing similar systems.


Bored in the traffic jam? Watch TV!


The instrument binnacle. To the left the rev counter for the petrol engine, going up to 6500 rpm. To the right the power meter, going up to 400kW or 536hp.


Max distraction mode. On the upper-left another rev-counter, which doesn’t make much sense. Lower-left for the water temperature. Top-right a power-reserve meter, basically the same thing as the power meter, but reversed. And to top it all on the lower right another power-meter, displaying exactly the same as the larger one further to the right. Sure the four smaller dials can be changed to show other stuff, but the two larger dials cannot. Fuzzy…


Rear lights with sharp corners, black wing on top of a darkened window, big chromed exhaust pipes, and fully usable roof rails. The wheels are far too small, but all in all this is by far the most interesting car ever to come out of China, bar none, not even this.

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  1. No, the Tang has only one engine, not three. By definition, an engine is a machine that converts thermal energy into mechanical energy. In contrast, an electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. BYD makes themselves look foolish by using the English word this way. Yes we know they are both 发动机 in Chinese.

    • How to define Engine? I found the answer from Wiki. An engine, or motor, is a machine designed to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy. Engine include Heat Engine and Electric Motor. So, BYD is right. Tang have three engines. Heat engine

  2. The base price is 279,800 RMB ($45,000) and more like 200,000 RMB ($32,000) when subsidies are included.

    The most advanced SUV in the world for only $32,000!

    Too bad protectionism in most developed countries prevent BYD from flourishing in those so-called “developed ” but insecure countries.

  3. According to Chinese media, the BYD Tang has beaten the Tesla (P85) and Porsche Macan in a 200 metre drag race.

    The BYD Tang is one super SUV!


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