Chinese Bentley driver hits a Lonely Pole

Chinese Bentley driver hits a Lonely Pole

Drama in the great city of Qingdao in Shandong Province where a Bentley Flying Spur crashed onto a white pole while reversing. The rear bumper and the left-rear light of the Bentley were seriously damaged. The pole was all right, and fortunately nobody got hurt.


Another view of the damaged bumper, which will most likely need a replacement, which won’t be cheap, as Bentley maintenance costs are notoriously expensive. And the Spur is a costly car in China. Price starts at 3.19 million yuan for the base V8 and ends at 4.35 million for the W12 Speed ($508.000 – $692.000).

Now or that pole which caused all that damage to a great motorcar. Sure that pole stood in a crowded parking lot or such, almost invisible between buildings or other, right..?


No. The pole stood lonely on an empty parking lot near a construction site. Well, that again proves you got to be careful wherever you go, especially with Chinese drivers around.

3 thoughts on “Chinese Bentley driver hits a Lonely Pole”

  1. I wonder how much it cost to have both the rear bumper and left rear light replaced… must’ve been an awful lot.

    1. It’s only metal, any bodyshop can do that repair. If the glass would be really that expensive people would get it custom made instead…
      Sure the car is insured…

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