Happy Chinese car girl pumps up the Airbags for the Tuning Show

Published on September 22, 2015 by W.E. Ning

Happy Chinese car girls pumps up the Airbags on the Tuning Show

Over the weekend we had the ‘2015 CAS Shanghai’, one of the largest annual tuning shows of China. On the stand of local tuner Match Racing Gallop (MRG) we found a purple wrapped BMW Z4 with Lambo doors flanked by a somewhat unusual Chinese car girl.


She kinda small, and kinda big at the same time, and kinda pretty, and kinda unhappy, and kinda fuzzy dressed, and kinda blessed with two truly giant airbags. And what is that about those cheap white high-heels that seem a size or two too big..?


White chick on the other flank doesn’t really know how to deal with her odd colleague, pretending not to see her. Well now, we sure believe someone could overlook a shiny purple Bimmer. But Not This:


Happy here!

We will soon the back with a bunch of other babes from the show. Until then she should do.

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