Beijing Auto BJ20 will hit the Chinese car market in August 2016

Beijing Auto BJ20 will hit the Chinese car market in August 2016

The daring Beijing Auto BJ20 SUV will hit the Chinese car market in August 2016, sporting a boxy design with crazy headlights and an even more crazy grille. The BJ20 debuted in concept form on the Shanghai Auto Show and the real thing has started testing.


Square shaped wheel arches covered in ‘bolted-on’ black plastic. A huge an usable roof rack. Wheels are a size or two too small and narrow.

The BJ20 is not a small car. It is based on the same platform as the Senova X65. It has the same wheelbase as said X65 but it is shorter due to the shorter front and rear overhang.


BJ20: 4450/1845/1710, wheelbase is 2670.
X65: 4654/1816/1680, wheelbase is 2670.


Great interior with sporty seats, a flat bottomed steering wheel, funky air vents, a large touch screen, carbon-decoration of the dash, and a manual gearbox.

The BJ20 will be powered by a Mitsubishi-sourced ‘4A91T’ 1.5 turbo with 147hp and 210nm, which seems barely enough for such a big car. It gets worse; lone transmission will be a six-speed manual sending horses to… the front wheels only.

The BJ20 might get proper four-wheel drive and a bigger engine later on in its life, depending on market demand, according to reports in Chinese media.


Bumpers bumps into rear door.

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rear lights =copy of Jaguar coupe


Looks like BAIC is aware that Jeep is a force in the South soon to be reckoned with, and yet offers this alternative, so wanting in the powertain department.

Xi Zedong

Square-off those head and tail lights, and you’ve got something. Awesome interior.