New Citroen C4 launched on the Chinese car market

New Citroen C4 launched on the Chinese car market

The new Citroen C4 has been launched on the Chinese car market, giving Citroen another compact sedan in a market that begs for compact SUV’s. Price starts at 107.800 yuan and ends at 164.800 yuan. The Citroen C4 debuted in April on the Shanghai Auto Show.


The Citroen C4 is the successor of the Citroen c-Quatre, it is positioned between the Citroen c-Elysee and the Citroen C4L.

The Chinese name is C4 Shijia (世嘉). Shijia used to be translated into English as c-Quatre, but Citroen doesn’t use that name anymore for the new car. So in English it is C4, and in Chinese C4 Shijia.

The C4 is manufactured in China by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture.


Dash is gray with some gray and some more gray. Floor mats are gray too. Chrome bits don’t help much, as they are kinda gray as well. Touch screen is big enough, dials are analogue, and handbrake is old-fashioned mechanical. Steering wheels looks a tad too 2013.


Enough space on the bench for two and a half. More gray in here.


Some green at last! Rear wheels seems tiny and narrow. Engines now: a 1.6 with 117hp and 150nm, a 1.2 turbo 3-cylinder with 136hp and 230nm, and a 1.6 turbo with 167hp and 245nm. The one-point-sixes go with a five-speed manual or a CVT, and the 1.2 turbo goes with a six-speed automatic.


Grille with integrated Citroen logo. Huge mirrors mounted on doors.


Taillights just small enough to be trendy; connected by a chrome strip. No visible exhaust pipes.

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