New Car Brand From China: DEARCC

New Car Brand From China: Deeree

We have another new car brand in China: DearCC. That’s the English name, the Chinese name is yet unknown. DearCC is a brand under SouEast Motors. It will make a range of affordable electric cars for young car buyers. The DearCC brand will officially debut on November on the Guangzhou Auto Show.


Their first car will be this DearCC EVII, a small four-door kinda-hip-ish hatchback. It is powered by an electric motor manufactured by the Shanghai Edrive Corporation. Happily, we know the engine’s factory designation: TZ200XS03Z. The TZ200XS03Z has an output of 57hp, which can propel the DearCC EVII to a 100 km/h top speed. Size: 3692/1650/1532, and wheelbase is 2400. No other specs available at the moment.


And if you want to go really fast, you can spec the optional spoiler.

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