Chevrolet Aims At Senile Car Buyers With Lova RV-Mickey Edition

Chevrolet Aims At Senile Car Buyers With Lova RV-Mickey Edition

Chevrolet is aiming at senile car buyers to push up sales of their slow-selling almost-antique Lova RV hatchback-wagon thing. Meet the new… Lova RV-Mickey Edition, with a between RV and Mickey.

This ain’t some fuzzy dealer special or an after-market screw up, this is a real factory-special edition. It was ‘developed’ with Disney China but strangely there doesn’t seem to be a connection with Shanghai Disneyland, which would have made some sense because the Lova RV is made in Shanghai by Shanghai-GM.


What makes the Mickey Edition the Mickey Edition? There we go: yellow mirrors, a Mickey Mouse logo on the bonnet in a black panel, a Mickey Mouse logo on the rear window, Mickey Mouse badge in the grille, a Mickey Mouse badge on the back, a Mickey Mouse logo on the front fender above the indicator light, Mickey Mouse seat covers, Mickey Mouse neck pillows, and a Mickey Mouse steering wheel cover.


The senile are attracted to bright color schemes. Red over black = good. The seat covers look awfully cheap, and they are really just covers, the real seats are just underneath. Neck pillows look very comfortable. I am getting old…

The Mickey edition, not the Mickey Mouse Edition, is  powered by the same old sorry engine as the base car: a 1.5 petrol with 113hp and 141nm, mated to a five-speed manual or a four-speed (!!!) automatic, sending horses to the front wheels.

The Mickey Edition will be launched at Christmas, like it is some exotic present. Well, I bet most people who got this thing as a present would throw it away immediately.

Price hasn’t been announced yet. The non-Mickey car starts 74.900 yuan and ends at 99.900 yuan.


Mickey Mouse badge on the left-low corner of the hatch.


This image comes from Chevrolet’s China website, showing a really freaky Mickey Mouse figure wearing a red hat, yellow goggles, and four-wheel inline skates. He looks like a serial killer.

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santos palisander

“He looks like a serial killer”. LOL
Well done, Joey!
Leave it to Shanghai-GM to give us a new take on Mickey.


Desperate move for desperate times…