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The Cadillac CT6 Gets A Makeover In China

The big American sedan lives on in China.

Buick Electra E5 Is A New Electric SUV For China

Finally a good looking electric Buick.

Cadillac GT4 Is A Sporty Compact Crossover SUV For China

Cadillac goes after the Audi Q3.

Cadillac CT5 God of War Ragnarök Special Edition Is A Thing In China

Careful. Cadillac drivers kill with axes.

Buick GL8 Century Is A Kind-of-New Luxury MPV For China

A van with a 32-inch screen.

Buick Envista Is A New Compact SUV-Coupe For China

Just when you thought Buick was finally going full electric in China, they come up with another petrol powered car. Meet the new Buick...

Cadillac GT4 Is A New Entry-level SUV For China

This is the Cadillac GT4, a new entry level Cadillac SUV for the Chinese market. Leaked patent images show a sporty car with a...

Chevrolet Seeker Is A New Crossover For China

This is the new Chevrolet Seeker. I find it rather interesting. The Chevrolet Seeker is a crossover for the Chinese car market. You don't...

The Big Read – SAIC (6/6) – The Chinese-American friendship of SAIC and General Motors

In Europe, SAIC is often regarded as the extension of Volkswagen in China, but the company has actually a much more intimate relationship with...

The Big Read – SAIC (2/6) – The bigger, the better

Last week we explored the early history of SAIC, when it made one of China's iconic cars for a long time. Now we will...