WEY (Great Wall Motors)

China’s longest MPV Wey Gaoshan officially on sale, available from 46,000 USD

The 5.4 m MPV is considered to be the longest in China. The long version is available for 55,000 USD.

Longest MPV in China? GWM’s Wey Gaoshan has a new edition over 5.4 meters long

Wey Gaoshan Executive Extended Edition has a length of 5405 mm, which is longer than the Denza D9, Zeekr 009, and Buick GL8 Century.

Great Wall Motor’s Wey Gaoshan plug-in hybrid MPV will launch on October 18

Wey Gaoshan is a seven-seater MPV with an onboard refrigerator. Its pure electric cruising range is 175 km.

Wey Lanshan DHT-PHEV interior unveiled in China with a huge screen

The Wey Lanshan's interior unveiled in China with a huge screen. To rival the Li Auto L8 and the AITO M7.

Spy Shots: WEY MPV Is Getting Ready For The Chinese Car Market

An MPV for Great Wall's luxury SUV brand.

Wey’s New Commercial MPV To Unveil At The 2023 Shanghai Auto Show In April

Earlier in April 2022, Wey announced its plan to launch four new models, which included two new MPVs, to meet different consumer demands. Now, it looks like this plan has been delayed.

Wey Lanshan DHT-PHEV Unveiled At The 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show In China

The Lanshan DHT-PHEV is over 5.1 meters long!

Great Wall owned Wey will launch its Wey 80 SUV at 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show

Another SUV from Great Wall Motor's Wey brand

Smart #1 & Wey Coffee 02 Earn 5-Stars In Euro-NCAP Ratings

Have Chinese automakers now mastered the art of building reliable cars?

Great Wall Motor’s Wey Brand Asked Enthusiasts To Design Its Flagship SUV

What can an automaker do if its vehicle exterior gets negative receptions from car enthusiasts? GWM’s Wey brand has its own creative answer. After its...