Lynk & Co 01 SUV Is Getting Naked In China

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The best Spy Shots so far of the Lynk & Co 01 SUV, with 3/4 of the car completely naked, and here painted in virgin white. It sure looks good and the lights are a masterpiece. Lynk & Co is a new brand under Geely, set to compete with the likes of Toyota and Volkswagen. It will be aimed at the young, with fancy electronics, an AirBNB-like share function, and shiploads of apps to download.

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Not so sure about the low end of the bumper. It is a bit busy there with those shiny edges around the fog lights.

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Geely has stated that the 01 will hit the Chinese car market in Q4 2017 but we think they are fooling us. The 01 looks ready to roll; we expect the production version to launch on the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

The 01 SUV is based on the new Volvo-Geely CMA platform, which will also underpin the upcoming new Volvo 40-Series, which was previewed by the 40.1 and 40.2 concept cars.

Engines are from Volvo: a 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine with about 180hp, a 1.5 plug-in hybrid with about 220hp, and a four-cylinder 2.0 turbo with 240hp.

Price will range from 130.000 to 190.000 yuan ($19.000 – 28.000) In China the Link & Co cars will be sold via a separate dealer network. Eventually the brand will be exported to Europe and the U.S. but when exactly is very unclear at the moment.

After the 01 (code named CX11) another three cars will be launched, all based on the CMA platform: a sedan code named CS11, a hatchback code named CH11, and a crossover code named CC11.


This is another car with a white colored skid pad under the bumper. Looks better. But what it seems to miss is a big badge. There is too much empty space on the bonnet and grille. The concept car had the same problem. It needs a big badge there. right in the middle of the grille.


Very nice alloys.


The instrument panel is party analogue and partly digital. The 10.1 inch screen is angled to the driver, which is cool in a BMW-kinda way but uncool for the passenger. Surprisingly it has a manual ‘box. We had expected Geely would drop those completely, for the cool & young & modern thing. The concept car had a trendy lever for an automatic. Has to be a pricing-thing, but it seemingly goes against the whole philosophy of the brand.


Lynk logo on the steering wheel, without & Co.


Boomerang taillights look cool, but they got to get rid of those shiny frames around the fog lights.


The lights in action on a test car.

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  1. Love it!! Want to see it in Europe (Norway) tomorrow!! And it is basically Volvo quality, remember! Has been developed and tested for a long time in Sweden’s cold winters.

    Thank you again Mr. Geely, for understanding European (Swedish) advanced tech., design and quality. While we wait for the more expensive, prime brand Volvo, we are happy to drive this one – with plug-in hybrid (of course).

    Hopefully – we will get it! The first ever really serious Chinese car in Europe. With all the Volvo Safety stuff built in.

  2. Dear Mr. Joey Wang;
    I understand that you don’t like the silver frames around the rear fog lights. I don’t agree with you though, because you have the same around the front fog lights, and it is making the design ‘complete’. Especially because the lower part of both front and rear “cow-cathers” (that’s what they are called in Denmark, honestly – ko-fangere!!) But something worse in my opinion is the lowest part of the front, is in white!! It should have been something in silver grey instead, and repeated on the back, lowest part aswell. Don’t you agree?

    • …lower part of front and rear bumpers is black… (IS BLACK) – sorry, it didn’t show in my previous comment. Beg your pardon.

    • While I’m at it; Kofanger (cow catcher) in Danish may be the most strange name. But in norway and Sweden we call the bumper ‘Støtfanger’ (Norwegian) or ‘Stötfångare’ (Swedish), in German ‘Stoßstange’.

      So in Norwegian and Swedish we translate it to “shock absorber” – which is something completely different, right?

      And in German; “shock rod”.
      Interesting? The winner is:
      Danish: ‘Cow catcher’!

  3. Something different when we discuss words, translations and names; Link & Co. may have been “reduser” by now to Lynk. Which is okay… but why did they not use the name ‘Lynx’ ? It sounds much more ‘elegant’ doesn’t it? Almost ‘Lexus’, due to the ‘x’.

    Luxgen understood this. The Taiwanese company (which thank god now is using Peugeot engines and tech), did the right thing. Only sad that they don’t do marketing and sales in Europe.

    Anyway, Lynx is better thank Lynk – which is what we will call it, and recognize it by. But perhaps this different association in the long run isn’t all that silly. Simply because it is “different” – and just not another alien or abbreviation to ‘Lexus’. Long live the ‘Originals’.

    • Dear Editor:

      Sorry again; please editor – could you fix this:

      “….Link & Co may have been “reduser” by now to Lynk….” WRONG!

      It should haw been:

      “…Lynk & Co may have been redused or shortened to Lynk….”


    • Luxgen doesn’t sell that well in Taiwan, let alone China Greater.

      They are simply not as competitive as the Korean/Japanese makes.

  4. I do not do free advice. But I can see in the next few years. And I will say that there Geely will have big problems saves only approximately Li Shu Fu to the of the Communist Party.


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