Citroen Aircross SUV To Challenge The Volkswagen Tiguan In China

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The production version of the Citroen Aircross will be launched on the Chinese car market in the fourth quarter of this year. Primary target: the upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan L. Just like the Tiguan L it will have a seven-seat option and loads of space inside, but it will be marketed as a “cooler” alternative.

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Therefore it will retain most of the rugged crossover looks of the concept car, including the black wheel arches and bumpers. The name of the production car is likely going to be C5 Aircross. It will be based on the PSA EMP2 platform, power will come from the well-known 2.0 turbo with 203hp and 280nm, mated to a six-speed automatic ‘box. A plug-in hybrid version will be added to the lineup in 2018.

The C5 Aircross will be made in China by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture. Price will range from around 210,000 yuan to 320,000 yuan.

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    …since André Citroën started production of Cars in Europe. He was the first to do it the same way as Henry Ford (‘serial production lines’ to lover cost per unit). And he had a philosophy. Actually several…

    So we saw the 2CV, and the ‘Traction Avant’ (7C), both with front wheel drive. And then the ID19/DS21. Where the design, and also the first ‘Hydroprenautic’, self adjusting suspension, were introduced. All, from the beginning to the end in André’s life was like that. Leading the world to better transportation. 2CV, very special suspension and driving ability, comfortable, yet very cheap, and onwards to the much, much more advanced ID/DS models.

    After he was gone, the new generations didn’t understand his ideas and visions, and they had to become part of the Peugeot-family to survive. The new “PSA” did not make bad cars, but totally without André’s inspiration, they were boring, uninspired…

    So, it went on for a while, two brand names, different designs, more or less the same lame products.

    Until the Peugeot family no longer had money left. And subsequently had to find a partner. It was not easy, but again some Chinese investors understood the worth of something original from Europe. Citroën was very, very early in China, and therefore a name all Chinese people know.

    Dongfeng, their long time partner in China, decided to invest and purchase most of the PSA company, bought the shares, and re-vitalized Citroën – and Peugeot worldwide. Of course not at least for the Chinese market itself.

    Finally, it start to look good again, because Dongfeng does pretty much the same philosophy as Geely; they continue to build on the heritage, trust the original developers and visions, add sufficient funds, and are able to produce and sell the final products.

    However, something fun with especially Citroën is that their new models are now first introduced in China, before Europe! Great!

    And the design-language in particular, is brave – again. Another: ‘Great’! (But don’t forget the ‘suspension-technology’ and comfort from André; – that could actually be the huge difference between the brands: Citroën and DS).

    So, what about the new (European) brand; the ‘DS’? Up till now it seems confusing. Itt is the same cars, or same cars with different design. Just another “Peugeot-designed” model?

    I bought a Citroën DS3 Cabriolet (actually only partly cab!) for my wife on her 50th year birthday three years ago, but now they call it DS! But it is the same car. Confusing.

    And when will we see new DS models? And will it only be design differences?

    The car in this article above is very interesting. I guess it doesn’t have any Mitsubishi technology left in it? I hope. But it is only interesting due to the special design, right? Not any André Citroën-advanced, earth shaking technology here, right?

    It is just another sister of a Peugeot, no doubt. Do we even need a ‘DS’-designed version of it?

    In Europe we are starving for news, and Really New Models and technology from Citroën. It is actually incredible that the name has survived for so long without the (any) vision.

    Look at Renault; best selling electric car for years; the ‘ZOE’.

    Please; Dongfeng, look more to the Swedish Volvo (Geely), if they ca do it, why can’t you? Please honor André Citroën’s name, make something real, some new, advanced, genuine Citroën again. And call it DS is you want, but not only a design abbreviation. You can’t fool us, you know. 🙂

    But we would become faithful to you if you did. And like we trust the Swedish (Volvo) for their originality; safety and simple, yet basic Scandinavian quality, we also trust (still) André-Gustave Citroën’s name, and the French style, creativity and not least their different philosophy towards everything. 🙂


    For those who doesn’t remember, the link is a possibility. I had my first DS in 1966 with adaptive headlights, well, the two inner lights followed the steering wheel in order to “look around the bend”. Typical Citroën. And before the Italian Fiat came to the factory. That was the ‘beginning of the end’. Up till this time, Michelin as mai owner had continued to develop the ‘Traction Avant’ developed by André himself before his death, and all his other ideas. Traction avant, front wheel drive, self bearing steel chassis, without a steel frame construction. First in the world, for both parts.

    And there was more in André’s old notes, yet to come…


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