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The Zhongguo Lingshi Xiaoyuan Has Wheels For Bumpers And Doors On Only One Side

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Here we have another brilliant feat of Chinese automotive engineering, as seen on the on the 2017 Jinan EV Show. This little blue beauty is the Zhongguo Lingshi Xiaoyuan, a new low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV). The front wheels double-function as the front bumper, saving money. It has no doors on the right side, saving even more money. To defend this brilliance the booth was shaped like a fortress, with guns and canons, and staff in camouflage overalls.

The wheels are out by about 20 centimeters. They have sporty shiny alloys.

The Zhongshi Lingshi Xiaoyuan is manufactured by a company called Baoli Hengtong (web), based in the great city of Tianjin is eastern China. Zhongshi Lingshi is the brand name, best translated as Chinese Leader. Xiaoyuan is the car’s name, best translated as small leader. The Xiaoyuan is a brand new product, it isn’t on the website yet. This is very common in China today. New products are now announced via WeChat, almost nobody cares about those old them websites anymore.

The Xiaoyuan is powered by a 1.6 hp electric motor, mated to a 60V lead-acid battery pack. It weighs only 350 kilo and has therefore a surprisingly high top speed of 40 kilometers per hour.  Size: 2800/1150/1500, wheelbase is 1240

Two doors on the left side. The rear window opens to let the dirty air out. There is a wing above the window the generate more down force, and in the wing sits the reverse light.

The Xiaoyuan seats three, one up front and two in the back. Dash in black plastic, doors in beige, and the floor in light gray. Instrument panel looks rather conventional, not much digital there. Cup holder on the right a nice touch. The paddles are in purple pink, which is good, but they are very off-set, which is bad. The driver sits in the middle, the steering wheel is in the middle, but the paddle box is on the right side. Just crazy.

The rear bench.

Mortar, secured with sand bags.

Here is another variant. This one has only one door on the left, and …

… no doors on the right.


This is the panel-van version. It is cool. It has a door on the right (!!!), and…

… a door on the left.

It also has a door at the back. The name is funny. It is called Buyuan.

Enough space for a few barrels of orange juice.

Brochure, showing an idyllic picture of a one-child family running around in a field, with the girl hunting for butterflies. And here too the price: only 3980 yuan or $557. That is just incredible cheap. I paid 7000 yuan for my electric scooter a few years ago. My scooter has two wheels, 1.5 seats and no roof or doors. But is does hit 50 km/h. That’s worth the extra cash.

Yes, the innovative Zhongshi Lingshi Xiaoyuan no-bumper car is going to blow the world apart with its utter brilliance. Run!!!

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