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The Cars Of The Revival2K17 Tuning Show in China Part 3

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Time now for Part 3 of our coverage of the Revival2K17 tuning show on the Goldenport race track in Beijing. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. Starting with a C5 Audi A6 Avant with Oregon license plates. Not sure if they are real. It could be a U.S.-spec example imported into China.

The A6 Avant was made from 1998 until 2004. It was never officially sold in China so it is very rare down here. This particular car is a top spec 2.8 liter V8 quattro.

It seems mostly original bar for the black windows and super sized wheels.

An incredible clean Y30 Nissan Gloria V30 E Brougham Hardtop with a license plate of Liaoning Province.

An absolutely brilliant interior with velours seats and door upholstery. The panel on the arm rest controls the radio and A/C. The T-shaped gear lever is massive. Controls on the lower center stack look like a 1980’s home stereo. Sadly, the original radio-cassette player was replaced with a modern after-market CD player.

The hardtop was by far the best looking car of the Y30 series. Simple and elegant design, timeless from every corner. Power came from a VG30 3.0 V6 engine, good for 146hp and 243nm, sending horses to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic.

A massive Mercedes-Benz W140 with a hefty body kit, a purple paint job, massive wheels, and an all white interior.

A Nissan 350Z with extra wide wheels, shiny alloys, a ultra low front lip, lowered suspension, and darkened windows.

MPVs are fast becoming more popular in the tuning scene. Here we have a low riding Honda Odyssey with a body kit, a shiny grille, and the biggest wheels that possibly fit in the arches.

A low riding BMW 5Li in matte white with pink wheels and a ski box on the roof.

A very neat Porsche 911 Turbo S with a matching license plate.

Mercedes CLA in matte black with black red wheels and a body kit.

A Scion FR-S with a glitter-red wrap, beautiful black wheels and wide tires, and darkened windows. The sporty coupe is sold as Toyota 86 in China. This could be U.S. car or a Toyota with Scion badges slapped on.

An absolutely crazy Aspec PPV 430R Volkswagen Scirocco with 430 horsepower and a massive wide body kit with a carbon fiber bonnet. Pretty is is not, but certainly impressive.

A low riding Nissan Teana with black grille and racy wheels with silver black alloys.

A very tasty Subaru WRX STi with wide wheels and absolutely stunning alloys. Best looking Suub’ on the show.

Low riding Volkswagen Tiguan with a subtle body kit, fake German license plates, and shiny alloys with a brushed-steel look.

And we end Part 3 with this beautiful and absolutely perfect second generation Lincoln Town Car. There are still a lot of those in China but this is the best I have ever seen.

Still a lot more cars to come; Part 4 will follow soon!

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