Chinese Woman Crashes Pink Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari crash

Oh no, the girls are at it again. This time we have a little lady in the great city of Qingdao crashing her pink Ferrari 458 Spider into a fence, a tree, and some bushes. The lady wears a white tunic and cram white leggings. The Ferrari is wrapped in a shiny pink wrap and fitted with shiny silver five spoke alloys and red brake pads.

Ferrari crash

The accident happened when the woman, seen here looking at her phone, lost control of the vehicle, crashed into a pole, bumped over the pavement, and into the grass. Fortunately there were no pedestrians around at the moment of the impact, and happily our driver seems unhurt as well.

The Ferrari 458 is the most crashed supercar in China. They just crash anywhere at any time in any weather on any road. The Qingdao crash won’t be the last for long.

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