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One Minute Walk-around: The Zotye E200 EV

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Today in One Minute Walk-around the Zotye E200, a small two-seat electric car for the Chinese auto market with a striking and original design. The E200 costs 59,800 yuan ($8,950) after green-car subsidies. Power comes from an electric motor with 82hp and 165nm.

Top speed is 120 kilometers per hour and range is 155 kilometers. Charging takes just half an hour for 80% battery on a fast charger or 8 hours for a full load on 220V. It is a tiny little thing: 2735/1600/1630, and wheelbase is 1810. They are very popular at the moment, I seem them all over the place in Beijing and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the E200 eventually becomes Zotye;s best-selling car.

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  1. dear Tycho,
    very intersting. I was always thinking of bringing a small electric vehicle to the German/European market. There is a gap between avaialble models like BMW stating at prices over 30.000 euros and a small affordable model in the 15-20.000 euro range. People in the outer belts of cities normally don’t drive more than 40 km . So range is not really an issue. Anybody who owns a house outside the city can easily install a charger.
    What is your thought about this?


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