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Hello Readers,

we have launched a new website: The site is about the history of cars in China, telling about Chinese cars, joint venture cars, and rare imported cars. Our timeline starts in 1925, when the very first vehicles were assembled in China, and ends in 2009, when China became the largest vehicle market in the world.

The main historians are: Sam Faulkner, Navigator84, and me, but we hope to welcome more writers in the future. If you have anything to share, old photos, books, or brochures, please let us know.

All the articles on the are new, but I will copy-paste the entire history-category of this website to new one, eventually. For now, please enjoy our latest about the Jiefang CA5020XJH and the Buick GL8.

Car on the photo is an early Hongqi CA72 prototype, I am working on an article about it, to be published very soon.

One thought on “New Website About The Old And Great:”

  1. Congratulations!
    And good luck on the launching of your new website.
    Can you imagine what the Chinese counterpart of Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions will look like 20 years from now?
    (btw getting a comment on is like pulling teeth)

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