You Cannot Make This Up: The H4c Is Yet Another Haval SUV For China

Haval H4c

Does it ever stop? It seems it won’t. Yesterday we explained in some detail how Haval is launching too many cars in the same price and size range. The reason was the arrival of the Haval H4. Today, one day later, we have news of yet another new Haval.

The latest addition to the mad-list is called the H4c, with a small c, not a capital C. It appears to be a sporty version of the H4, ‘c’ likely stands for coupe. But it is slightly bigger than the H4, and it the engine lineup is different.

Two big pipes for racing! H4c badge on the left.

Our size comparison with the 4c added:

H2S: 4146/1772/1638, wheelbase 2550.
H4: 4410/1845/1695, wheelbase is 2660.
H4c: 4470/1857/1638, wheelbase is 2680.
H6 (new): 4600/1860/1720, wheelbase is 2680.

Engines for the H4: 1.3 turbo with 139 hp and 225 Nm, and a 1.5 turbo with 169 hp and 285 Nm.

The H4c will get the same 1.5 turbo and a 2.0 turbo with 197 hp and 315 Nm.

As for now we have only seen one variant of the Haval 4c. The red Haval badge on the grille suggests this is a Red Label car. We cannot wait for the Blue Label version…

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santos palisander

Change the site name to HavalNewsChina so you can try to explain to us what these guys are doing. I’m completely lost!