HiPhi works on a new car. Its design revealed in recently filed-patent

Human Horizons - HiPhi brand

HiPhi is a brand of Chinese EV maker Human Horizons. Recently they applied to the Chinese Intellectual Property Office for a patent of a brand new model. HiPhi has only one model on sale so far called HiPhi X. It received lots of attention after launch as it was the most expensive made-in-China car. The base model started at 680 thousand yuan (105 thousand USD), and the enhanced Founders edition cost 800 thousand yuan (123 thousand USD).

Human Horizons - HiPhi brand

HiPhi officially didn’t confirm work on its second car. We can’t tell much from the patent drawing as it is only a basic concept, but still, it revealed some secrets. The side looks similar to HiPhi X, while the front has a different shape, being thinner than the X model. The rear is also slim and smooth, dominated by the HiPhi logo crossing the simple straight line stuffed with taillights. It seems the new vehicle will be a coupe with an even more sporty design than HiPhi X. I like the idea HiPhi is not stopping anywhere and pushing ahead a more radical design style.

Human Horizons - HiPhi brand

At his point, I have to remind you that Hi Phi X was shocking to many people, combining mini falcon wings from Model Y and Rolls Royce-like reverse “suicide” doors. Many analysts thought the X can never make it to production and would end up on the concept graveyard among hundreds of fellow-nearly-cars. So I wouldn’t underestimate Human Horizons to take their new HiPhi vehicle to an entirely new level again.

Human Horizons - HiPhi brand

There are not yet any specs of the new HiPhi car. The previous HiPhi X  comes in a four-seater or six-seater variant. Both variants have a battery capacity of 97 kWh, power of 440kW (590 hp), and maximum torque of 820 Nm. Based on official data, it can make 0-100km/h in 3.9s. Dimensions are 5200*2062*1618mm, which is huge even for a luxurious SUV. However, car journalist Mark Andrews, who tested the car, claims it doesn’t feel so big to drive – despite its dimensions. 

I will keep an eye on the news about this new beast.

Source: Autohome

One thought on “HiPhi works on a new car. Its design revealed in recently filed-patent”

  1. Their website once indicated research in advanced 4 wheel steering, and hub motors. I wonder if this new model will feature either of these.
    Also with so little volume production up until now, I can imagine they must be bleeding cash.

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