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Breaking news: HiPhi saved by US company

HiPhi has been saved by US$1 billion cash injection by US registered iAuto Group. Deal leaves many unanswered questions.

Will Changan buy HiPhi?

Chang'an is reportedly talking to HiPhi about a possible takeover. Internet sources claim a 51% stake.

Rumor mill in overdrive as HiPhi tries to keep moving

Rumors about HiPhi including that Huawei might buy the company. Also rumors of plagiarizing.

Is HiPhi about to go bust?

HiPhi confirms salary payment delays after increasing rumors about financial problems.

Not a concept car! HiPhi A sedan unveiled with 0-100 kph acceleration in 2 seconds, packing 1,287 hp

This is not a concept car, deliveries to start in 2025. Also the battery can discharge 1.5MW at its peak.

HiPhi Z City Version launched in China for 69,800 USD. Price sliced by 16%

HiPhi Z City Version is a luxury EV sedan from China with 672 hp and 535 km of range. HiPhi Z is also available for reservations in Europe.

HiPhi Z to get a cheaper version with smaller battery and 535 km of range

The HiPhi Z City Version will get a 90-kWh ternary battery for 535 km of CLTC range. To start from 69,450 USD.

Taking the HiPhi Z for a spin: China’s electrifying GT sets its sights on the Porsche Taycan

Discover the HiPhi Z, China's eye-catching electric GT! Unleash the future of driving today.

HiPhi Y SUV with 810 km of range confirmed. New spy shots

The HiPhi Y exposed with a massive 115-kWh battery and up to 810 km of pure-electric range. It is ready to rival Nio, XPeng and others.