GWM gives details of solid state battery and other news at AGM

Great Wall talks about new solid state pouch cell and battery charging technology at AGM for shareholders.

Huawei Qiankun ADS 3.0 announced, brings intelligent driving upgrade

Huawei announces its new Qiankun ADS 3.0 system with industry leading intelligent driving functions due on cars in 2024.

Stellantis-backed Leapmotor C16 applied for a sales license in China

Leapmotor C16’s specs exposed by the Chinese regulator. It will soon enter the market to compete with the Huawei-baked Aito M7.

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P PHEV sedan exposed with 102 km of electric range

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P is a sedan the size of Toyota Camry from Geely and Volvo. It will start mass-production in China this month.

Nio ultra-luxury sedan will be called ET9. To unveil on Dec 23

The Nio ET9 was unveiled in the Nio App before the official premiere on December 23. It is a saloon with the price tag of 140,000 USD.

Great Wall Motor’s Tank 700 Hi4-T starts presale at Guangzhou Auto Show

The Tank 700 Hi4-T plug-in hybrid body-on-frame off-road SUV from Great Wall Motor went on presale at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Li Auto Mega applied for sales license in China as it’s ready for the launch

The Li Auto Mega is a 7-seat MPV with 544 hp, 700 km of range and 520-kW fast charging technology. It is ready for the launch.

Aito M9 from Huawei and Seres rolled off the production line in China

The Aito M9 is a full-size SUV with 530 hp and a starting price of 68,400 USD. It is ready for the market launch in China.

Aion V Plus electric SUV launched with a range of 400 km, starting at 22,200 USD

This release is the 2024 Aion V Plus. This is a normal replacement for this model. In the last 12 months, 22,383 units of this car were sold.

The Denza N7 electric SUV’s first mass-produced car rolls off the production line

The Denza N7 pure electric SUV may be officially released at the end of June and will be delivered in July.
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