AITO M5 is a 496 hp Huawei-backed Chinese SUV for 50,600 USD

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AITO has announced the prices of their new SUV called M5. The top trim level of this SUV costs 319,800 RMB (50,620 USD). It offers four-wheel drive and almost 500 hp. In addition, there are two more trim levels with a lower price. The first deliveries of this vehicle start in March 2022.

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What is AITO?

AITO is a high-end brand jointly formed by Seres (Sokon) and Huawei. Collaboration between these two companies started last year when Huawei began to sell Seres M5 SUV in the Huawei Stores. And later, their partnership has taken the next important step. And this is AITO. The brand’s name is an acronym that means “Adding Intelligence to Auto”. In this joint brand, Huawei supplies the “brain” of the vehicles, while Seres takes care of manufacturing.

Back to AITO M5

The AITO M5 is based on the Seres platform for a range-extender vehicle. The size of this car is 4770/1930/1625 mm with a wheelbase of 2880 mm. As for the design, it is simple with a smooth aerodynamic shape, pop-out door handles, a large grill, and some sharp edges on the bonnet and door panels.

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The interior of AITO M5 is the same story as the exterior. It is very simple, in a modern way. Even the steering wheel of the M5 has only two spokes. Speaking about screens, we should mention the 10.4 inches instrument panel. And the gem of AITO’s interior is a huge 15.6 inches touch screen with the Huawei Harmony OS on board. This system provides an “L2+” autonomous driving technology. And there is one more sign of Huawei in the M5. It is equipped with a Huawei wireless charging system for smartphones with a capability of 40 W.

AITO M5 driver seat with integrated speakers in a headrest

Moreover, the car is also equipped with Huawei Sound, a 1000 W sound system with 19 speakers. A headrest of the driver seat has integrated speakers that play the navigation instructions and other important info to the driver only. This way the passengers can enjoy the music without being disturbed.

AITO M5 Powertrain

The M5 has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine under the hood, but it is used only as a range extender. This ICE powers the ternary battery with a capacity of 40 kWh. The fully electric range of AITO M5 reaches 150 km (WLTP). We have to mention that this range is declared for every trim level of M5. But there is a 115 kg difference in weight between them and 224 hp spread in power. So an energy consumption of the top trim level of AITO M5 may differ from the entry one. And therefore the electric range of this vehicle also might be different depending on the version. The full range of M5 is 1195 km.

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AITO M5 in white

Speaking about trim levels of AITO M5, there are three of them. And each one has its power output. Version one is a rear-wheel drive and has only one electric motor that delivers 272 hp. The second is a four-wheel drive and is equipped with two electric motors with an output of 428 hp and 720 Nm. And the last one is the most powerful with 496 hp.

AITO M5 prices

And right now, we have finally reached prices. The entry-level AITO M5 with a rear-wheel-drive costs 249,800 RMB (39,540 USD). The version with four-wheel-drive and 428 hp costs 279,800 RMB (44,290 USD). And, as we have already mentioned, the top-trim level of M5 costs 319,800 RMB (50,620 USD). The first deliveries of M5 will start in March 2022.

Source: Autohome, AITO

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  1. So we guess that the third power option is also all wheel drive (AWD), with two electric motors turning out a combined total 496 hp, and around 860Nm.


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